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Virginia Key Ocean Challenge
Saturday, June 28, 2014
Registration/Check-In Starts at 8am
First race at 9:30 a.m.                                      

Two Paddling Courses
6K/3.75 mi.
20K/12.5 mi.

One Swim Course
50-Yard Anything That Floats But a Boat Race


    Standup Paddleboards, Kayaks, Surf Skis, Outrigger Canoes, Sit-On-Tops join by the shore of Virginia Key for the premier Ocean Race.  The 3rd Annual Virginia Key Ocean Challenge promises to deliver the most enjoyable competitive event in town.

    Whether you're a competitive racer, first time adventurer, recreational paddler, professional spectator, world class party-goer or just want to have fun in the sun, come out to the beach for a common gathering at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.  All paddling clubs, teams, racers and individual paddlers are invited to participate in our annual summer celebration and race.

Registration is now open at:

Pre-Register by:


June 18th   --$35 Adults/$20 Juniors includes lunch and event t-shirt
June 26th   --$35 Adults/$20 Juniors includes lunch and event t-shirt

                       while supplies last

June 26th   --$12 Just Lunch

Onsite       --$45 Adults/$20 Juniors includes lunch, t-shirt while supplies last

                  --$15 Just Lunch

Race Courses and Race Classes

    Race Courses open to all paddle crafts, teams and individual, Race for fun or for glory!  Race classes will be based on registration.   


6K/3.75 Miles
20K/12.5 Miles

50-Yards -- Anything But A Boat Challenge.  Rules are simple, you can compete on anything that floats, but a boat.  Get creative and keep it simple.      All you have is an inflatable seahorse or kiddie lifesaver? Bring it!  You might be able to swim faster, you'll certainly walk faster, but it wont be quite as much fun.  Winners in this race will be awarded bragging rights. An a bright round life preserver!

YOU MAY PARTICIPATE IN ONE OR ALL EVENTS.  It all depends on just how fast you paddle.  Now that would be a blast.


Registration/Check-in starts at 8:00 AM
First race starts at 9:30 AM

    Final categories will be based on registration.  WPA and Sound Rowers designations are used in determining classes.  Age classes will be considered.  Overall top 3 will receive onsite awards.  Gender banding will apply to single events only.  Teams will be considered teams regardless of age or gender.   Unless, of course, we change our minds.  The judges decisions are final and subject to change at the judges' whims.  Judges may be required to perform feats of strength when disagreeing on a decision.  

    Bribery is encouraged but unlike since there is no prize money involved.  Side bets are on your own.

For the Non-Racers

    If you don't want to race and just want to hang out, this is the perfect spot. You can paddle or enjoy the park's beautiful nature walk.  You can hang out under a shady tree, swim with friends; lay on the sand as you bake in the wonderful South Florida sunshine.

   More information on the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is available at the parks website

    The races are not sanctioned by any governing body, just by the awesome paddlers that come to enjoy a fantastic park on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

    There will be raffle items and some giveaways for race winners.  


   The VKOC, now in its third year, is an annual social event in which the paddling community gathers on the beach to simply enjoy what we all love to do, together.  It's a day of paddling and partying.  All clubs, teams, and individual paddlers are invited to participate.  Standup Paddleboards, Surf Ski, Outrigger Canoes, Sea Kayaks, recreational kayaks, and all other human powered crafts have an opportunity to try their hand at a friendly race.

    You are encouraged to beat the heat with the Anything But A Boat Challenge.  Rules are simple, you can compete on anything that floats, but a boat.  Get creative and keep it simple.

Sponsorship & Demos Boats and Boards

    In keeping with the spirit of building community, Epic Kayaks, The Paddle House, BOGA, Coreban and others will be on hand with demo surfskis, kayaks, and paddleboards.

    Are you a business owner, or interested in donating something as a prize?  Please do!  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Donations for awards are appreciated. 


Contact to participate.

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